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Please click the image for the 2016-17 school supply list.

During the 2015-16 school year, Pine River 5th grade students have been competing in MOEMS, an international competition with thousands of students from across the globe.  MOEMS stands for Math Olympiad in Elementary and Middle Schools. It has been around for decades and is a well-respected program around the world.  Last season, approximately 150,000 students and 6,000 teams competed from 49 states in the U.S. and 30 countries around the globe. 

The math content in MOEMS is extremely challenging with a mix of high-level upper elementary, middle school, and pre-algebra concepts written in problem solving situations.  There are five contests each season in which students compete with each other across the globe.   Pine River Pioneers compete in the Elementary Division which is 4th-6th grade students.

Since September, fifteen students have been meeting an hour each week.  These students have demonstrated excellence in the classroom in math and during this competition.  Mr. Gary Griffin, 5th grade teacher and the MOEMS facilitator at Pine River, has been running this program for the past four years.  Our Math Olympians have an “appetite for excellence!”  This year’s Math Olympiad team consists of (back row left to right), Olivia Stoecker, Hadley Schwarz, Azalea Taube, Anna Dabelstein, Jack Betcher, Curtis Hutchins, Connor Essary, Braylon Essian, Michael Rancilio, (front row), Julia Rausch, Madeline Card, Lindsay Girard, Kellen Sullivan, Mac Garth, Ethan Hart, Frank Cole.


Books read ... 3,999 ... so tomorrow, Wednesday, March 30th is a PAJAMA DAY!!  Children are invited to wear clean, school appropriate pajamas to school tomorrow.  Children MAY bring a stuffed animal to read with.  They MAY bring slippers in their back pack to wear during the day inside school, but please make sure they have shoes to wear for outdoor recess.
Thursday, March 31st is our Reading Celebration Assembly to conclude March is Reading Month.  Students will be scurrying through an inflatable obstacle course (just like Humphrey would enjoy!) so please send your child to school in sweats or gym clothes, and gym shoes.
Friday, April 1st is wear BLUE for Autism Awareness.  Please encourage your child to wear blue on Friday.

Ho Ho Ho…Pine River was a buzz of excitement and activity last Friday night when students and their families filled the school for our annual PTO Christmas Family Fun Night.  They had fun making crafts, munching on cookies, visiting with Santa, and much more.  It turned out to be a grand time to make new friends and renew old acquaintances.

This fun-filled evening was the result of many hours of work by our parents, who took charge of decorating, organizing, and cleaning up.  Former parent, Lisa Fountain, was our Santa photographer and Eric Liniarski led us in song.  Our PTO Board members, Michelle Jackins, Carrie Bommarito, Sharon Martin, and Angela Jovanovich were instrumental in bringing the whole night together!

Santa, of course, was the big hit of the evening, coming all the way from the North Pole to join us during his busiest time of the year.  He listened to long lists of items desired by the children, and they had their picture taken with good old St. Nick. It was a great way to celebrate the Christmas season!



Pine River third graders have had a number of opportunities to expand their science and social studies knowledge through hands-on activities and interactive presentations.

During a presentation called Pollution Solutions, the classes were asked to pollute a model of the city of St. Clair. As they polluted the city, the students learned how everyday actions can add harmful products to our limited supply of fresh water. Students used their knowledge of natural resources and human/environment interaction to think of ways to preserve our water and help keep it clean for the future. Thank you to Mrs. Sherri Faust from the St. Clair County Health Department for facilitating this informative session.



16, Dec 2015

Future Surgeons

The epiglottis is connected to the esophagus… The esophagus is connected to the trachea… The trachea is connected to the lungs… And the lungs are connected to the heart.  And how do we know? 

Because our fifth graders learned first-hand by dissecting a pig’s heart and lungs.

Led by Lynn St. Pierre from SCCRESA and supervised by our own fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Michelle Hratchian, students had an up-close opportunity to learn how one of our body systems works.  Parent volunteers were also hands-on as they helped with the process.

The gym was a’buzz with the curious, excited chatter of students as they experienced the inner workings of their organs with groping fingers and curious minds.




If you would like to view the video we present to our students, please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page and choose either of the following titles:

Always Changing Girls (4th and 5th grade girls)

Always Changing Boys (5th grade boys)

To view the video Understanding HIV and AIDS, please follow these directions:

  • Click on the East China School District home page -
  • Under the Parent tab, choose Digital Backpack
  • Scroll down until your elementary
  • Click on the folder titled Puberty Presentations
  • Click on the video there