Elementary school is a time of tremendous wonder, discovery and growth for children in kindergarten through grade five. Our young learners engage in a comprehensive educational program that develops their thinking and communication skills and teaches them the joy of learning.

Middle school is full of change. Our young adults discover and develop diverse interests and grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. The combination of a secure environment and knowledgeable staff nurtures that development through academic challenge and creative stimulation.

Opportunities abound for our high school learners. Academic excellence is a tradition at our high schools. Students balance academic requirements with increased responsibility, independence, and leadership.

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Click on the links below to view the puberty presentations used at ECSD.



4th grade (girls) - Click on "Always Changing - Girls"

5th grade- Click on "Always Changing - Co-ed"

HIV Session
5th grade - Understanding HIV and AIDS

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There will be a meeting of the reproductive health committee on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 3:30 at the Administration Building located at 1585 Meisner Road.

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23, Nov 2013

Math Expressions

Math Expressions    


With the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards, the district recently adopted the Math Expressions resources for grades K-5. Math Expressions is a comprehensive, standards-based K-5 mathematics resource that offers a balanced approach to teaching and learning mathematics. Math Expressions uses manipulatives, visual models, conceptual language, and real-world situations to help students build deep mathematical understanding.


What does Math Expressions look like in the classroom?

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East China School District is committed to a continual process of improvement throughout each building and across the district. School Improvement Plans are reviewed, updated, and submitted to the Michigan Department of Education annually. Please contact Catherine Woolman, Secondary Curriculum Coordinator, at 810.676.1205 for help if you need assistance.


School Improvement PlansSchool Improvement Plans

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